Improve your registration forms by getting data from EGD

( This paper assumes that you have a basic understanding of web programming tools and techniques, such as Javascript and AJAX. The knowledge of server-side programming languages - such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, ColdFusion, Perl, etc. - is also recommended )

Change Log:

EGD comes with a feature which allows web-masters to get players' data in a webservice flavor. Indeed, there are two scripts which you can directly call: Especially the latter, is very useful for setting up web forms where users have to enter players' data, for instance for events registration. Using these features it is quite easy to access the EGD database via an AJAX call, and get all the players' data. This can be very useful in order to get names' spelling validation and up to date player's GoR.
EGD will add to the HTTP response a specific header in order to tell the browsers to accept to load data coming from these services.
This takes away the need to write server-side proxies and makes the use of these services extremely simple and straightforward.
Live example
To see the services in action, look at the example below; try typing some letters in the last name field, and see what happens: after the third letter, a combo appears with the list of all the players (if any) whose last names match the string typed in. Adding more letters, the search is dinamically refined. Select one of the entries clicking on it, and all the other fields will be automagically filled :

Last Name: Name:

Club: Country:

PIN: Strength: GoR:    EGD Page

Imagine to have this little form in your tournament registration page: nice, isn't it ?
You can simply copy & paste the source code from this page, including all the Javascript code (and the style too, if you like it), and put it into your website's folders.

That's all.

Start playing around, and let me know feedback and suggestions:

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